About Elderberry

Elderberry is an elder cohousing community for individuals who wish to live out their senior years (50+) in an affordable, energy-efficient home in a beautiful, rural setting, supported by friends and neighbors. Elderberry was conceived by members of Potluck Community Farm, a successful and thriving intentional community which was developed in 1990. After 18 years together, members of Potluck Community Farm began to think about how  we might continue to live in our community when we become unable to care for our homes, gardens, animals, and, ultimately, ourselves.

We decided to create an adjacent senior co-housing community to care for one another as we age, rather than moving away from our homes to institutions such as retirement or nursing homes. We will have a common house for interaction, activities and group meals; gardens and pastures for raising food; and other amenities as determined by the residents. We envision small (500-1200 sq ft), affordable, clustered homes around a central common house (2500 sq ft) - on property adjacent to Potluck Community Farm in rural North Carolina.

Elderberry is unique in many ways:

Elderberry is “out in the country.” The view from homes and the common house is distinctly rural – rolling hills and fields, pastures and pastured animals, gardens, barns, a restored farmhouse, one hundred-year-old oak trees and abundant wildlife. It is a quiet, tranquil place where the starry sky is unaffected by city lights.

Homes at Elderberry are affordable.

Most retirement and co-housing communities are built by a developer or investors who profit from creation of the community (generally taking 10-20% of project costs). Retirement communities are managed by companies that profit from the services offered. Elderberry is being designed and built by individuals whose goal is to live there and to provide homes that other elders can afford. The developers (future members of the community) are taking no profits and are working to design facilities that are functional, comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and beautiful in their simplicity.

Care at Elderberry is personal and affordable.

At a time when the cost of eldercare (retirement homes, nursing homes, visiting caregivers, nurses, elder daycare, etc.) can be staggering, Elderberry offers an alternative. Members of both Elderberry and Potluck Community Farm are committed to caring for one another. Care committees are established when someone is in need. If hired help is required, the cost can be shared among members needing this level of care. Unlike independent living facilities, residents will not be asked to move out when they are unable to care for themselves as long as a way can be found to care for them and they pose no threat to others. The common house will have a room designed to accommodate bed-restricted residents.

Elderberry values the contributions of elders.

Unlike other retirement communities, Elderberry is managed by the residents, and residents are encouraged to continue to be productive by pursuing their passions and contributing to the community. Elderberry members are encouraged to contribute their skills in areas such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, laundry, canning, crafts, etc. The hope is that much of the food eaten at Elderberry will be grown and harvested at Elderberry and Potluck Farm.

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