Elderberry Development Plan
A Phased Development Plan

Elderberry will consist of 18 homes (up to 1200 square foot each) in close proximity to a 2800 square foot common house.

We anticipate completing Elderberry in 3 phases by mid-2016, as outlined below. Financing for phases 1 and 2 of the project was provided by our members (initial loans from founders have now been fully paid back). After phase 2 was completed, we sought financing from investors and residents for the final phases of the project. We have secured all necessary financing to complete the project.

Phase 1: Planning
Estimated timeframe for phase 1 activities: January 2008 – December 2010

Conduct research on options for elder care, visit retirement communities, interview elder care experts

Develop business plan
Recruit potential residents

Create and maintain a website and other promotional materials

Purchase land

Complete septic evaluation

Determine building/space requirements for the project

Develop site plan
Draft Conservation Easement required for site plan approval

Obtain Special Use Permit from County Planning Board and Commissioners
Complete engineering plan for septic
Prepare site for building (site clean-up, clearing, grading)
Explore financing options

Design Elderberry Common House
(Deltec has been chosen as type of building to be constructed. See some examples of Deltec architecture and construction in this slide show below.)

Phase 2: Dry-in Elderberry Common House and Provide Community Utilities
Estimated timeframe for phase 2 activities: January 2011– June 2013
Continue recruitment of new members
Provide construction access to site
Drill wells
Provide power to site (Piedmont Electric)
Secure building permit and order Deltec to required building code
Request address on Rougemont Road
Install septic system
Complete building site preparation and slab
Construct Deltec and roofing (dry-in takes less than 1 week)

Phase 3: Complete Common House and Begin Building Resident Homes
Estimated timeframe for phase 3: January 2012 – December 2016
Continue recruitment of new members
Secure financing for Phase 3
  Build homes (may be developer-built or individually built)
Complete all interior work on Common House; obtain occupancy permit
Fully furnish Common House (recycled and donated furniture and art; Energy Star appliances)
Complete driveways and parking areas
  Complete walkways
  Design natural, native landscaping
Establish resident committees and governance structures
Begin work on gardens, pastures, desired amenities
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