Home Ownership

Cost of Membership and Homes at Elderberry

Elderberry will be a self-sustaining homeowners association, maintaining sufficient capital to ensure the financial viability of the community while keeping costs as low as possible for residents.

Individuals or couples who wish to become Associate Members of Elderberry, receive regular communications and attend our meetings may join by paying an annual non-refundable fee of $300.

Individuals who wish to become Equity Members and buy a home at Elderberry are encouraged to become Associate Members and are asked to visit the community (attending meetings or workdays if possible) at least 4 times.

The price of homes at Elderberry includes more than just the cost of the house and the lot. The price also includes a share of:

  • Our 2800 square foot common house with beautiful kitchen, dining space, sitting area, guest space, media room and laundry facility
  • Community land (10 acres, plus another 12 acres jointly shared with our sister community Potluck Farm, and access to over 130 acres of Potluck Farm hiking trails)
  • Barns and woodworking shop
  • Historic log cabin (use to be determined)
  • Several large garden areas and chicken housing
  • Community equipment and tools
  • All infrastructure (roads, paths, parking, wells, septic systems, etc)

There are two homes currently available for sale. Construction will be completed in the summer of 2017. The drawings and floor plans for these can be found under house plans.

Approximate home prices:

We are selling the homes we are building at our cost (no profit to the community). Therefore the cost of homes will vary slightly based on the timing of the sale. Assuming that these homes will be completed and sold in July 2017, the approximate prices are as follows:

  • Lot 16: 900 ft2 one-story home: $224K
  • Lot 17: 1200 ft2 two-story home: $245K

These homes are green certified and Energy Star certified. If you have other questions about home prices or financing, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to the cost of the home, residents will pay monthly homeowners fees to cover the cost of services to residents, repairs, maintenance, improvements, landscaping, taxes, insurance and “rainy day” funds. Monthly fees will be assessed each year. They are determined by the membership and may go up to reflect increased costs. Monthly fees will be kept as low as possible to maintain facilities and ensure the financial security of Elderberry. Residents may choose to establish resident committees to provide services, thereby reducing monthly fees. Fees for 2017 are $180 per month.
Members are responsible for costs such as telephone, internet, insurance, and taxes.  Utilities (power, water and septic) will be provided centrally.  There is no charge for water or sewer.  Power is provided centrally and charged back to residents equally. Monthly assessments will include electricity and garbage collection. Elderberry is responsible for the exterior maintenance of homes and for landscaping (although owners may have their own landscaping as well if they choose). Over time, we hope to reduce power costs by adding solar panels as we can afford to do so.

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