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There are two levels of membership in Elderberry: Associate Membership and Equity Membership

Associate Membership in Elderberry
Associate members are individuals who are interested in exploring the possibility of buying a home at Elderberry. They are welcome to attend all meetings, provide input and ideas on decisions and community processes, serve on committees and be included in all communications. Associate members pay non-refundable dues of $300 per year (for individual or couple).

Equity Membership

Associate members who decide to make a commitment to Elderberry may become Equity Members.
  • Equity members make a down-payment of $10,000 on the home under construction, and sign a purchase contract for the home.
  • Individuals/couples must provide Elderberry with a pre-qualification statement for a mortgage from a bank or mortgage lender.
  • More details about the purchase and sale of homes at Elderberry can be obtained by contacting us.
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