Life at Elderberry

Elderberry is resident-managed. Ultimately, the use of facilities and land, resident activities, and level of interdependence among residents will be determined by the individuals who live at Elderberry and their passions, interests and abilities. The possibilities for what members might choose to do together are endless. Some of the possibilities that we envision include:

  • A common house that is shared with our sister community, Potluck Community Farm, and is a focal point for the community and a regular gathering place for Elderberry and Potluck Farm members and guests
  • Shared meals on a regular basis in the common house
  • Facilities and equipment in the common house that allow residents to maximize living space in their homes without the need for large kitchens, laundry facilities and special use rooms
  • Individual and shared flower and vegetable gardens
  • Pastures and animals
  • Facilities for crafts, games, hobbies and other creative endeavors
  • Committees of residents to maintain common house, gardens, barns, etc. with assistance from paid individuals as needed.
  • Care committees to support the needs of residents within agreed boundaries (the line between support and nursing care to be established)
  • Transportation and carpooling arrangements as needed among members of Elderberry.
  • Guest rooms for friends and family of residents (minimal fee)
  • A beautiful and inviting central area with restored log farmhouse and with paths and gardens that connect individual homes to each other and to the common house
  • Hiking trails shared with Potluck Farm

While much of the management and maintenance of Elderberry will be provided by residents, there will also be regular assessments to cover the cost of services that cannot be provided internally or for which the community chooses to hire assistance. It is expected that monthly assessments will be used to cover expenses such as the following:

  • Upkeep of the interior and exterior of the common house and individual homes
  • Maintenance of roads, driveways and parking servicing the community
  • Taxes on Elderberry property and common house
  • Services such as legal, tax preparation, etc as needed
  • Insurance on common house and liability insurance for the Elderberry community
  • Water quality testing
  • Maintenance of the septic system
  • Other, as needed

Potential members may be interested in the following information regarding services near Elderberry:

  • Average response time to Elderberry for First Responders is 6-10 minutes; for EMS is 20-25 minutes; and for Fire (Mt. Tirzah) is 10-15 minutes (response times provided by Person County Fire Marshall).
  • The nearest hospital is Durham Regional, 17.8 miles away. Average travel time to this hospital is 33 minutes. Person Memorial Hospital is 20.5 miles away and average travel time to this hospital is 35 minutes.
  • The nearest small store (groceries, gas and hardware) is approximately 1.5 miles from Elderberry.
  • The nearest large, chain grocery store and pharmacy is approximately 12 miles from Elderberry.
  • Roma Italian restaurant (pizza, subs, pasta, etc.) delivers to Elderberry!

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