About Elderberry Vision, Mission and Values

Elderberry: A New Vision for the Second Half of Life
A vibrant, beautiful, community of elders committed to caring for each other, sharing and celebrating our passions and skills, creating a rural community “homestead” among gardens, farm animals, and nature, on a path toward more ecological living on earth.

Elderberry Mission
To provide a comfortable and affordable home in the country for elders, where we can make independent life choices, pursue activities of interest, follow our spiritual paths, enjoy the benefits of a rural lifestyle (animals, gardens, food production), form close and caring relationships, contribute to others and enjoy life.

Whole Hearted Living
We practice living together with kindness, generosity, empathy, compassion, and honesty, using consensus as a tool to both make decisions and to grow in our ability to see the gift in ourselves and each other.

Caring for Each Other
We relate to our community as home and to each other as family; we care for each other in times of need as a privilege and source of joy rather than an obligation.

Living in a “Beehive” of Activity
We create a rich and engaging environment for as long as we live. We eagerly share our skills and passions, learn new skills, participate in discussions, make music, create events and projects, share meals and try things we’ve never done before.

Living in Beauty
Our reverence for nature, beauty and the arts, and the gifts of this earthly place keep us amazed and grateful. We emulate nature in our use of the land, creating garden habitats for birds, butterflies, and pollinators, using methods and materials that minimize harm, providing special places of beauty for inspiration and spiritual reflection.

Physical Beings
We know that physical activity will keep our bodies working and give us joy; we create an environment that calls us to action - gardening, dancing, yoga classes, walking, laughing, and playing.

A Handmade Life
We engage in the real and productive work of growing food, raising animals, preserving food, making tools, as often as possible creating what we need rather than buying it.

The World Outside Our Boundaries
We seek ways to contribute to and engage with our neighbors and the wider community; we are an open-hearted, welcoming community for each others’ friends and families who come to visit.

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